Please read all information, Terms and Conditions and After Care instructions on this page before submitting your appointment request. Thank You.

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Terms and Conditions:

Appointment Required. We will accommodate you to the best of our ability depending on our prior committed appointment schedule. Appointments are available TUESDAY through SATURDAY from 10:AM to 5:PM (Later appointments may be available for a $20 surcharge.) 

Prior to your appointment:

• DO NOT wear MASCARA or Eyeliner and do not use oil based makeup remover before or after. 
24 hour cancellation notice required or fee up to full price may apply.
Fills carry no cash value and must be scheduled at the time of initial service and redeemed within 2 weeks or will be subject to forfeiture.
Must be 18 or older or parent/guardian consent waiver required.
If you have any known allergies to adhesives or medical issues, service will not be offered.
Eyelash extensions are attached to you natural eyelashes. Any gaps or bald spots will result in less than desirable results. 
Please request a refund NOW if you have any medical conditions that may cause irritation.
Please list any special conditions, requirements or comments above in the provided section above.

Waiver of Liability. By submitting this form, I understand there are risks associated with having artificial eyelashes applied to and/or removed from my existing eyelashes, and that notwithstanding the greatest or most extreme extent or amount of care in the application or removal of these products, there still exist risks associated with the procedure and product itself, which include, without limitation, discomfort, eye irritation, eye pain, and, in rare cases, blindness when improperly handled.  As part of this procedure, I understand that a certain amount of eyelash adhesive material will be used to attach the artificial Eyelash Extensions to my existing eyelashes. Even though the Technician may apply or remove my Eyelash Extensions properly, I understand adhesive material may become dislodged during or after the procedure, which may irritate my eyes or require further follow-up care, at my own expense to prevent damage to my eyes.  I also understand there is more than one technique for applying Eyelash Extensions to my eyelashes, and I will not attribute any liability to the Technician, Fab Eyelashes, Headlines Studio or Hair Artistry Academy as a result of this procedure or the use and care of these lashes.  I also agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Technician, Fab Eyelashes, Headlines Studio and/or Hair Artistry Academy from any and all claims, actions, expenses, damages and liabilities, including reasonable attorneys’ fees which might be asserted against them as a result of my having this procedure performed, or my purchase of these Eyelash Extensions products.  

As used in this agreement, the terms “Technician,” "FAB EYELASHES," “Headlines Studio” or “Hair Artistry Academy” include all of their respective officers, directors, agents, employees, successors and assigns. 

Eyelash Extension After Care

  • Do not touch or wet lashes for 48 Hours.
    • Do not use regular or water proof mascara. • Carefully clean the area around your eyes when cleansing your face. • Do not scrub or rub your eyes.
    • Avoid any type of oil-based product! • Never use an eyelash curler on your extensions! • Apply *Lash Sealer once a week to make lashes last longer. • Do not remove the extensions yourself. Have them removed by a professional. • Fills must be scheduled & confirmed within 2 weeks to keep your lashes looking full.


  • Safety Restrictions Our private salon requires the use of sharp instruments that can be dangerous. No children under the age of 12, including infants in strollers, are permitted in the salon. (Guests under 18 must be accompanied by an adult) Pets Only service animals may be in the salon. No pets are allowed in the salon (by law). Cancellations & No Shows Your appointment has been reserved especially for you. We request a 24 hours notice in the event you need to reschedule or cancel your appointment. A 24-hour notice allows us to better serve you and other customers. When an appointment is missed, or not enough time is given when canceling or rescheduling, we miss on the opportunity to fill the appointment time and guests on our wait list miss the opportunity to receive services. 24-hour notice allows us adequate time to inform guests on our wait list of availability; keeps our professionals scheduled filled and overall helps us serve everyone better. Scheduled Times Our time and your time is respectfully valuable and we strive get you started on-time. Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your service. Some clients take longer than expected. Please understand if your appointment is slightly delayed to accommodate all guests. 

    Late arrival to your appointment may interfere with the completion of your eyelash extensions application within the time allotted. You may be asked to wait, or come back to complete your service. To avoid this situation, always arrive early. Reserve Your Next Appointment (Pre-Book) Please remember to book your next appointment before leaving the salon to receive your desired appointment date and time. Gratuity Gratuity is not included in any of the services. It is customary to tip your technician when services are rendered.
    Price Policy & Structure Prices are subject to change without notice. Please consult your technician for exact cost of services.
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